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The Bank of Kaukauna was started as a private bank in 1879. Our logo indicates: “Established 1883”, which was the year we were incorporated under the laws of the State of Wisconsin. A quote from our 50th Anniversary booklet, from the year 1929, states: “It is the desire of our Officers and Directors that The Bank of Kaukauna will help you reach desired financial goals - no matter what they may be. This is a partner relationship.” This is as true today as it was then.

"Decisions made locally by people who care"

Our entire staff, management and directors believe this is not just a phrase but who we are.

We enjoy being active in this great community and surrounding area. We believe our cooperative involvement with you will lead to a better, stronger community.


 John R. Russo Rich Bierman  John C. Brogan
John J. Brogan Lawrence L. Sharron Anthony O. Klapperich


Neil J. McCarty
Louis E. Faust



John C. Brogan
Chairman of the Board

John J. Brogan

Timothy A. Hoff
Sr VP - Commercial Banking Mgr.

Louis E. Faust
Executive Vice President

John M. Hendrickson
VP Commercial Lending

Gina M. Nytes
VP Residential Lending


Mary B. Verbeten
VP Operations - Secretary

 Sue M. Ley
Assistant VP - Operations

Sarah E. Cooper 
Mortgage Loan Officer

Cheryl M. Mitchell
Assistant VP


James D. Brogan - Deceased 2005
former President & Vice Chairman


Our strategy is to provide superior, personalized banking services to small and medium size businesses in the Heart of the Valley by offering financial products, service and advice, which promote success for our customers and solid growth for our community. In addition, furnish a full line of banking services to individuals in our community while concentrating on the owners and staff of our business customers.

We will focus our efforts on building long-term relationships by tailoring products, services, and advice that are “right” for our customers. Decisions will be made locally by people who care.

Our success is dependent upon knowledgeable and experienced staff working with successful businesses and individuals who portray high integrity. We are committed to truly knowing our customers. Our warm and energized environment and fun attitude makes the bank a great place to work and to do business.


The Board of Directors of Brogan Bankshares adapts the following Policy:
A.On a semiannual basis the board will discuss or evaluate employee compensation plans in light of any risk posed to the Bank.
B.The Bank of Kaukauna historically has not had excessive expenditures. In order to conform to the TARP funding, the Bank will ensure that will continue in that manner. Any change in expenditure from previous years have the following restrictions.
1.Expenditures for entertainment or events will not exceed $5,000.00 annually for each employee. Events that are primarily charity will not be included in this limitation.
2.Office and facility renovation in excess of $7,500 will be approved by the board of directors. This limitation will not include normal maintenance requirements such painting, resurfacing blacktop, replacing HVAC equipment etc.
3.Any flights should be done flying commercial and not first class.
4.Other activities or events that are not reasonable expenditures for staff development, reasonable performance incentives, or other similar measures conducted in the normal course of the business operation of the TARP recipient must be approved by the Board of Directors.
C.The Board must limit SEO compensation to exclude incentive for the SEOs to take unnecessary and excessive risks that threaten the value to the Company or which would encourage manipulation of reported earnings to enhance compensation of any of its employees.
D.The Board is required to recover any bonus, retention award or incentive compensation paid to the SEOs based on statements of earnings, revenues, gains or other criteria that are later found to be materially inaccurate.
E.The Board may not make any “golden parachute” payment to the SEOs and our next 5 most HCE, generally meaning any payment to a SEO for departure from the Company, except for payment for services performed or benefits accrued.
F.The tax deduction for compensation expenses attributed to services rendered in a year (regardless of when paid) under Section 162(m) of the Internal Revenue Code is limited to $500,000 per SEO.
G.Bonuses, retention awards or other incentive pay for SEO’s must be based on requirements contained in pre-February 11, 2009, written employment contracts. Otherwise such payments for the single most HCE is limited to long term restricted stock which does not fully vest during the TARP period and which has a value of not greater than one-third of the total annual compensation of the single most HCE.
H.All employees of The Bank of Kaukauna and it's subsidiaries are subject to this Policy and will be held accountable for compliance with the Policy.
I.In the event an employee believes there is a violation of this Policy, the employee, without concern for retaliation, should report their concern to the Vice President of Operations, the President, or any member of the Board of Directors.  The suspected violation will be discussed at the next Board meeting.  The Board of Directors, or a committee of the Board appointed by the Board, will investigate the allegation and will ensure adherence to the Policy.

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