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Our Mission

We believe that community banking ought to mean just that.

One hundred forty-five years of serving our community has given us perspective on what is important: This place belongs to our grandchildren’s children.

Vibrant communities are inclusive, connect people, and promote diverse points of view.  They create opportunity, foster education, and nurture entrepreneurship.

At the Bank of Kaukauna, we take our stewardship role seriously.  Our investments are more than financial.  We help our clients grow by giving them the expertise and tools they need to succeed; we donate our time to organizations that make our community stronger, and we use charitable contributions to invest in the cultural and social enhancements that will make the Fox Valley a great place to live for the next one hundred forty years.


We LOVE supporting our community! Healthy communities are the foundation of successful businesses. Everyone here at the Bank works to make an impact through their passion, time, and expertise. Take a look at some of the things we’ve been involved in!

Catalyst Art Show

The 2018 Catalyst Art Show – an evening of dancing, singing, performing, presenting, interacting, exhibiting, and much more. Catalyst was created to increase public art in all forms, and provide support for future projects and community growth.

Catalpa Health

Catalpa Health’s 2018POP! Fundraiser. Catalpa Health is a non-profit mental health clinic formed in 2012 to improve the mental health and well-being of Northeast Wisconsin kids and families. 2018’s pop-up fundraiser was held along the Fox River in Kaukauna. Attendees were surrounded by food, art, messages of inspiration, and 8,843 hand-folded origami cranes – one for every child served at Catalpa Health during the prior year.

(photos by Jared Birkholz Photography)


There’s a natural beauty in Kaukauna which was forged by the Fox River. That’s obvious to anyone who’s been here, but not everyone knows about the hidden beauty that hangs on the walls of the bank. Our art collection is here as a gift to the community.

Many of the works in the collection are from artists who live in or have connections to Wisconsin. The goal is to create a great collection, and it turns out there’s a lot of wonderful work being produced right here. There is a strong social justice theme running through the work and there’s a lot of diversity. There are Asian artists, Asian American artists, Mexican artists, Mexican American artists, younger black artists, older black artists, female and male artists…

While Northern Wisconsin itself is not terribly diverse, it’s important to display a collection that’s inclusive. It’s important that the public gets to hear those stories too. It’s meant to emphasize what brings us together rather than what tears us apart. In an increasingly online world, the bank is intended to be a space where people want to come because it’s beautiful and it’s full of real people.

The collection is just getting started.

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